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Dear diary,

Every evening mama takes me for a walk on the terrace and today my tiny hooman friend also accompanied us.

She was wearing pretty red shoes on her feet, and I could not take my eyes off those shoes.

I love to play with shoes. They are soft and chewy. Please don’t judge me, I’m teething.

Usually, this time I chase dragonflies, but today as my little friend was walking besides me, she kept drawing my attention to those bright red shoes.

While she was walking, suddenly, the shoe on her right foot slipped off.

She tried her best to wear it, but lost her balance and fell in the process.

She frowned at the shoes, and in the next second, she flung the shoes in the air in anger.

This was my moment. Fetch!

I grabbed one red shoe and ran. She screamed and laughed, and ran towards me bare footed.

She kept giggling and chasing me, trying to take that shoe from my mouth.

I held the shoe tight in my mouth and kept running. When she came close, I dodged her and ran again.

This was just the opposite of when we usually play with my toys.

Downstairs in the living room when we play, she takes my toys and makes me run for it. She dodges me and doesn’t give it to me until I’m tired and sweaty.

Today was my turn to make her run.

Mama was so cheerful to see us having fun together. What an exciting and happy day!

This is baby Hyena signing-off. See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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