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Dear diary,

This afternoon when I finished my lunch, I went out for my usual afternoon walk.

As I reached the door, I saw a rat run towards the staircase in the front courtyard.

I sneaked behind it to impress Selfie – the senior rat-catcher in our home under whom I’m training. Selfie was sleeping on the terrace, and she had no idea about the rat.

Let me tell you one thing about rats and Selfie –when it comes to rats, Selfie shows no-mercy.

She has killed 17 rats in her 4-year career, and looks forward to add many more to her hit-list.

She has never missed a rat, and for this reason, the rat community has pictures of Beware of Selfie all over their town.

Selfie is my idol, because she is simply the best, and today was my chance to impress her.

The moment this rat ran came into the light; I ran towards it.

But the next thing that I saw just blew my mind.

This rat was driving a car. Holy Stuart!

I think, the rats are so terrified of Selfie that they have started coming in cars to be fast and safe.

I wonder what Selfie would do seeing a rat driving a car.

I’m sure, she would become Dogzilla and smash the car.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, finding a way to impress Selfie. Don’t forget to watch me in action.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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