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Dear diary,

Today is Day- 4 after my shocking accident.

 I have already started feeling good, but mama says I need to rest more and avoid running around.

Mama keeps a close watch on me 24×7. Big mama and uncle too keep an eye on me when mama’s not around. 

At night mama sleeps beside me and I rest my head on her arms. When her arms are up in the air, I place my head on her chest. I feel snug as a bug sleeping with mama. 

When I wake up she kisses me and carries me to the backyard. After I’m done, she wipes me clean, and carries me back to bed.

The entire day, mama pampers me with kisses and care, the delicious chicken broth and turmeric milk are a bonus. 

Everything was alright, but not playing with Selfie, and not chasing dragonflies and bees was making me sad.

But, today morning mama gave me a surprise. She got me a Squeaky Kitty to chew and play.

This is one of my best toys ever.

I nibbled Kitty all day and she squeaked for mercy. Mama also played with me and Kitty in the evening. 

I ate all my meals with Kitty and hugged her during my afternoon nap.

I think I am a cat lover.

Do enjoy my video with Squeaky Kitty.

This is baby Hyena signing-off cuddling with Kitty.  

See you tomorrow again. Bye-bye!🐾

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