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Hello hoomans!

Today, I complete one month in my forever home, and now I can say –  I’m the boss here.

Selfie and Tuffy, my elder dog-siblings, tried their best to rag me and bare their teeth at me, but after I planted a boop and two slurps on their nose, now look who’s the boss!

Here, I have the perfect routine:

-hang on the edge of the bed to wake up my mama

-lick her fingers while still hanging on the edge

-run to the terrace with Selfie and Tuffy to attend some urgent ‘business’ calls

-get our butts dry cleaned

-cuddle with my big mama in bed. Umm! I love her so much.

-gulp my porridge & chew some yummy sticks

-play tug of war with Selfie while Tuffy stands as referee

-sleep with my belly up




Hold on, did I miss out something? Oops! Urgent ‘business’ call . . . . . .. excuse me please!

This is baby Hyena….I’ll see you again tomorrow…..bye-bye 🐾

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