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Hello hoomans!

I’m baby Hyena. Don’t be afraid – I’m not a real hyena, but I do look like one. The day I was born, my siblings hid from me thinking I was an actual hyena pup. Grrr! I had a lot of fun bullying them, especially my younger sis, Brownie.  

I was born under the staircase of a building where some good Samaritans looked after momie and all my 4 siblings.

But, after my three brothers, one sister, and I started to wriggle out of the building, it became too dangerous for us to live there.

Momie told us not to step out of the building as all my previous siblings were smothered by the wild dogs in our area.

We wanted to run around and play, but momie was too scared and timid after she had lost her first litter of pups.

We soon needed a safe place to dwell.

After the kind initiative of a dear hooman family who are godparents to my momie and my younger sis, all my three brothers and I got adopted into our forever homes.

So, here I am, on my mama’s lap, happily munching on some chicken biscuits while I write my puppy diary.

This is baby Hyena….I’ll see you again tomorrow…. bye-bye🐾

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