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Hello hoomans!

I’m 3-months old now, and I can run like a cheetah.

This morning I raced down the stairs with my elder sis Selfie.

As I was about to beat her in the race, I missed five steps and landed directly on the floor, spraining my right paw.

Holy Dog! This hurts.

I screamed so awfully that the whole house shook up.

Meenu didi, our kind house help was playing with the broom that only I’m not allowed to touch. Huh!

Anyways, she ran to me and rubbed my paw while I was screeching in her ears.

Soon, I heard mama’s footsteps approaching. The second I saw mama, I limped and crawled into her lap, whining.

Mama’s lap, it’s like magic.  As I get in, mama starts humming, and rubs me gently in all my tickle spots.

This is a secret only I know. I wonder who told mama about my favourite tickle spots.

I get cosy in mama’s arms as she carries me to bed with a chicken biscuit and a tight kiss. Yummy!

Nom-nom-nom-nom!  . . . . . . . Yawwwwwwwwn!

“Who’s mama’s cheetah? “Who’s mama’s cheetah? Boop!”(mama asked lovingly)

“I am. Boop! I am. Boop! Slurp!”

Love you, mama!            

 Z z z z z z

I’ll see you tomorrow ….bye-bye🐾

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