Page-4 > First encounter with a flying little dogs

Hello hoomans!

Did you know there are tiny little dogs with wings that make an annoying buzzing sound?

Yes, this morning when I was nibbling a pumpkin flower in our garden, I saw a teeny-weeny puppy with yellow and black stripes inside the flower.

This annoying flying puppy was simply buzzing away from flower-to-flower in our vegetable garden.  

“Who are you and how dare you eat my flower?” STEALTH MODE ON!

I kept a low profile with my ears erect and head fixed, while my eyes moved in random directions.

After secretly following the microscopic buzzing puppy and watching its every single move, I finally pounced on it.  

Aha! Got you! Buzz! Buzz! Buzzzzzzzzz!

I check my paws. Nope! Not here.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Over there, near the lotus flowers! Finally, you are dog meat, you little ….

Oh no! The lotus tub……… Splash!🌊

“Hyena! Who’s doing mischief here? Oh, you fell into the tub. Lol” (Laughed mama)

“You have algae all over you. Come in for a bath now, you can play with that bee later.”


As I sit in my bath tub and I hear mama telling me all about bees, I think I have a plan to murder that bee.

Bye-bye hoomans! I’ll see you again tomorrow! 🐾

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