How many dogs in the world

How many dogs in the world are there ? World Dog population

Did you know that for every 1000 people there are almost 274 dogs? Statistics also tell us that the United States has the maximum number...
Domestic dogs evolution

Domestic dogs : Evolution from wolves to man’s best friend

Have you noticed, wherever you find humans in the world, you will also find dogs. From the arctic tundra to the tropical regions, on the...
can dogs have oat milk

Can dogs have oat milk ? Here’s everything about oat milk for dogs

If you are reading this, then it means you truly love your dog a lot. You want your furry friend to live a long and...
leash train a dog

How to leash train a dog – A complete guide for dog parents

Leo got adopted a couple of weeks ago. He loves his new home and family, but hates the leash. He dodges his hoomans every time...
do dogs get cold

Do dogs get cold in the winter ? Find out the answer here

Winter usually brings with it sniffles and sneezes for most of us – but do dogs get cold in the winter ? Can your fur...
dog heath insurance in India

Dog health insurance in India

Last year, Delhi-based Rohan Kohli spent nearly Rs. 30,000 on the surgery of his German Shepherd, Duke, who ate a plastic bottle, resulting in a...
border collie dogs

Border Collie – The most intelligent dog breed in the world

Every dog, regardless of the breed, can be intelligent in some ways, but certain dog breeds are workaholics and Einsteins of the dog planet. These...
Can dogs eat Cheez its

Can dogs eat Cheez Its ? Let’s get the answer here

It’s been a tiring week and you plan a movie night with your furry friend Milo. You’re loaded with cool-drink cans and tons of boxes...
happy daughters day

Happy Daughters Day – Things I have learned from my furry daughters

For every parent, children are a gift, and we love them equally regardless of gender or species. But, this one day is exclusive to celebrate...

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