Happy Daughters Day – Things I have learned from my furry daughters

happy daughters day

For every parent, children are a gift, and we love them equally regardless of gender or species. But, this one day is exclusive to celebrate our daughters. My dogs are my children, and I have two gorgeous girls who I lovingly call my daughters. If you have the same strong feelings for your furry baby girls, you will definitely enjoy this article. Today, I will discuss the things I have learned from my furry daughters, but before that – Happy Daughters Day to all dog pawrents of furry daughters!

Daughters Day is a day to celebrate everything that our daughters bring to our family. So why leave out our furry daughters!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent to a human daughter or a female dog, the kind of love you experience for them is so pure and unconditional that it’s almost identical.

A new research study has revealed that, the relationship between female dogs and their human parents is very similar to the bond between a daughter and her parent.

Well, most dog parents of female dogs would confess this is true, because it is.

Like human daughters, our furry daughters also give us thousands of reasons to smile every day.

They are emotional, loving and precious little angels, goofing around all the time. Their expressive eyes steal our hearts and their tiny paws run away with it.

So, our furry daughters are just as worthy of being celebrated on Daughters Day.

Today, I will talk about the things I have learned from my furry daughters and the interesting observations I’ve made living with female dogs.

Female dogs have a unique personality

Apart from the obvious biological traits, female dogs also have different personalities compared to male dogs.

I have had both, male and female dogs with me for over two decades, and so I can say female dogs do have an exceptional persona.

Female dogs are more protective and independent in nature. They are more focused on details around them. They mature faster than male dogs.

Additionally, they aren’t so demanding of attention from their human parents. They do well with any bit of attention you give them.

But, when they do demand your attention, they will get it out of you.

As any other male dog, they too love big hugs and cuddles, but they tend to take themselves away when they want a time out.

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Female dogs are emotionally different from male dogs

It is a fact that female dogs are better when it comes to socializing with other dogs.

So, if you have a male dog at home, and wish to adopt a second dog, a female dog would be a good choice.

This also works with two female dogs, but they can struggle to settle the decision of who is alpha female, like in the case of my two wrestlers, Selfie & Hyena.

Selfie & Hyena are my two furry daughters and they get along well most of the time. But there are days when I have to be their referee.

Having said that, female dogs do better with other female dogs as well. This is a natural characteristic in female dogs, since playing alpha and claiming territories is mostly a male dog thing.

My male dog Tuffy took a lot of time to accept my female dog Selfie, compared to what Selfie needed to take to my another female pup, Hyena.  

I have also seen that some people who have children at home, tend to choose a female dog over a male dog, because it is often noted that female dogs are naturally more protective of young ones.

My female dog Selfie is very calm and mother-like around my 21-months old niece, but my male dog needs to be monitored when he’s around her because he’s extremely playful and unpredictable.

Female dogs are easier to train

Professional dog trainers say that female dogs are easier to train than male dogs because they are far less easily distracted.

Personally, I have had the same experience while training my dogs at home.

My furry daughters picked up commands much quicker and completed their basic training in lesser time in comparison to my male dogs.

However, it is also true that female dogs are almost untrainable during the times when they are on heat.

Additionally, it is a fact that majority of male dogs tend to remain childlike, and they seem to take a little longer to mature.

On the other hand, female dogs are more attentive and centered.

They are also smaller in size and have a tendency to reach maturity faster than a male dog. This early maturity gives a female dog an advantage when it comes to training.

However, this does not mean that a female dog is more intelligent than a male dog. It only means that female dogs will be easier to train than male dogs of the same age because they are more mature.

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Female dogs go on heat cycles and need extra care

Female dogs can reach puberty and go into heat around the age of 9 to 12 months.

This is the estrous stage, commonly known as heat cycle, which comes every six to eight months or twice a year, depending on the dog breed.

This cycle will last about 2 to 3 weeks, and it is a time your furry daughter needs extra care.

During this period, your female dog will have a swollen vulva and will produce blood from the vagina.

Your female dog in this stage is said to be in heat or in season, as it is the time when she can become pregnant.

The perfect time to breed your female dog is anytime between 7 to 10 days into her cycle, as this is the time she will be ready for mating.

But if you do not wish to breed her, then you must keep her away from any male dogs during this period.

Furthermore, it is also best to keep her confined to an area with her personal bedding or use dog sanitary pads/diapers for extra care and hygiene.

Your furry daughter goes through hormonal changes during this time. So, make sure you pamper her and keep her comfortable while she is on heat.

Additionally, if you have no plans to breed your female dog then you can think about having her spayed.

Apart from preventing accidental pregnancies, spaying has been shown to lower the risk of Pyometra, a life threatening infection in female dogs.

Canine experts recommend that the best time to have a female dog spayed is when she is about six to nine months old.

But if your furry daughter is an adult, she can still be spayed. All you need is to make an appointment with her veterinarian and discuss the process.

Adopting a female dog can help control dog population

A female dog can give birth to 2 to 3 litters in a year.

Additionally, on an average a female dog can have up to 30 – 40 litters, assuming she lives up to the average age of 10.

So, with 5-6 puppies being average across all dog breeds, a female dog can reproduce a total of 150-250 puppies in her total lifespan.

Now imagine if this female is a stray dog!

Hence, it is quite logical and thoughtful to adopt a female dog whenever you consider adoption. By doing so, you will not only save that female dog’s life, but also keep the unwanted litters from happening.

Adopting a female dog can help you control the dog population, and you will save not one, but hundreds of lives with one kind act.

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No flashy jewelleries or fancy clothes, no complaints nor any demands, just the sight of you is priceless for your furry daughters.

Even if her bushy tail breaks a tumbler glass from the table, one look into those puppy-dog eyes and all is forgiven.

Indeed, our furry daughters are precious in every way.

My fur babies have introduced me to my best self. They have taught my heart to listen, and my eyes to speak.

My furry daughters make hard times good, and good times better.

Honestly, our daughters make a difference in our world. So, spoil them as much as you can, and don’t forget to post a pic of your gorgeous furry girls on every social media platform today.

Enjoy a picture of my furry daughters in this article’s main image!

Happy Daughters Day, to all furry daughters!

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