why do puppies eat stones

Why do puppies eat stones ? Know the reasons and the solutions to stop it

My little pup, Hyena, has a favourite hobby – to collect a mouthful of stones. The geologist within her keeps her busy the entire day...
calcium deficiency in dogs

Calcium deficiency in dogs : Causes, symptoms & treatment

Calcium – probably the first nutrient every kid hears and learns about, even before going to school. Indeed, calcium is an essential nutrient for us...
International dog day

Did you know, today is International Dog Day?

Every year 26th August is celebrated as International Dog Day around the world, and it is an official holiday among dog lovers. It’s a day...
war dogs

War dogs in ancient history and in the modern military units

A soldier is ready to die defending his country, war dogs are ready to die defending the soldier. When you know what you want to...
dog dogs get tired of barking

Do dogs get tired of barking ? Let’s find out

Tuffy is a 14-year-old spitz, and he can literally bark at anything and everything. Birds, milkman, doorbells, bike horns, a parcel, people walking by, demons...
can dogs eat mushroom

Can dogs eat mushroom ? Here is must know answer for dog owners

Let me introduce you to the newest member in our family – baby Hyena! She is a foodie and an amateur rock collector. When she’s...
stress in dogs

Stress in dogs : Causes, Warning signs & Solutions for relief

In many instances, we hear of a dog biting someone “all of a sudden”. The truth is, dogs rarely bite without a warning. Dogs mainly...
facts about puppies

Interesting facts about puppies you definitely want to know about

Wriggly, fluffy, sweet and cuddly – puppies are heart-meltingly cute! But, in addition to their cuteness, they’re fascinating too. Read on to find out some...
deshedding brushes

Deshedding brushes and tools for all types of dog breeds

If you and your fur-baby are dealing with some shedding issues, you are at the right place. A solution is not too fur-away ! Today...

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