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Dear diary,

I have a plethora of toys but Kong is the most amazing toy that I own. Kong not only makes me happy but it also keeps mama carefree whenever she works for long hours.


Well, Kong features a hollow cavity that allows mama to stuff all sorts of treats inside it.

This way, it makes me work to get the yummy treats out, keeping me occupied and entertained for quite some time.

How cool is that!

Certainly, if you ask any puppy parent, they will agree that any quiet time is more than welcome! At times, I can read this clearly on my mama’s face.

And, as far as you ask a hyper-active pup like me, Kong – the dog toy is super bouncy just like me.

It also provides an appropriate way to fulfil my chewing instincts.

The best part is the incredible design which makes the rubber toy bounce unpredictably in every direction. The moment mama bounces it on the floor, my eyeballs go crazy following its zig-zag path.

It makes me jump, pounce, grab, run, wobble and fall all at the same time.

Kong also keeps my teeth strong and clean. I have teeth as white as snow even though I have turmeric in my meals every single day. Thank you Mr. Kong!

Mama had purchased the blue rubber Kong toy online a few months ago. Ever since she has been filling them with my favourite treats.

In summer she stores them in the freezer every week and before getting busy she tosses a frozen food stuffed Kong on my bed. Now for winters mama simply puts chicken treats or peanut butter.

Above all, Kong is the only durable toy that I could not destroy till date. Huh!

Indeed, Kong is a great fit for me and mama.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, obsessed with Kong – my bouncy wobbly yummy toy.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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