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Dear diary,

I am a very punctual puppy.

Today when mama changed her afternoon routine once, I was not having it. 

I usually play with mama before I get into bed for an afternoon nap. Mama serves me my afternoon meal and I finish it and wait for her on the stairs for a play session.

I know exactly what time we meet at the stairs to go to the terrace for playtime.

But today mama had some work so she had to go to the market. She planned to come back and play with me an hour later than usual.

When we didn’t meet at the normal time, I started whining. Then barking. Then I walked downstairs and grabbed a shoe from the rack under the staircase.

I don’t have to mention the state of the shoe by the time mama returned from the market.

What I must mention is the attitude that I displayed when mama threw questions at my non-guilty face.

She already knew it was me yet she kept on asking – Who did this?

I showed no interest in answering mama’s question and walked away to my bed.

Mama brought the shoe close to me and questioned me the for the 526th time.

I looked at the ripped shoe and swatted it with my paw, hard, so it flew through the air and hit mama’s face.

Yes, I threw the shoe at mama.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, teaching mama punctuality.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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