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Dear diary,

Today I’m six months old and in dog years I’m an adolescent now.

There has been a transition in my over all personality and behaviour.

Now I have this lanky and awkward puppy look which is adorable, says mama.

I have reached 90% of my body size and though my growth will slow down now, I’ll continue to fill out for the next three to six months.

I have all of my adult teeth at this six months of age.

This means that the teething phase is over and I may chew less obsessively.

(Please remember the ‘may’ in the above statement coz there’s still a possibilty that I may chew things.)

As a 6-month old puppy I’m still exploring my environment and learning new things.

I am also noticing that this adolescent phase is showing in my behaviour.

I have an increase in energy and willfulness these days.

The dynamic between my dog siblings and me has also changed.

Tuffy and Selfie who are adult dogs can now tell that I’m old enough to know better.

Somehow, I’ve made it known to them that I will not go as easy on them if they step out of line.

I am also exhibiting some destructive behavior in this adolescent stage.

Now I can blame this totally on boredom due to the increase in energy and confidence.

Mama continues to provide me plenty of exercise and training sessions as now is a good time to fine-tune obedience training.

As an adolescent I’m all set to head towards adulthood and maturity.

This is adolescent Hyena signing-off welcoming my teenage.🐾

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