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Dear diary,

I’m the most favourite pet of big mama. She loves me the most because I’m the youngest and cutest of three siblings in our family.

That’s why big mama takes me to the garden to help her.

I escort big mama to the terrace and help her in most of the gardening work.

I dig the flowerpots, uproot the grass and weeds, and I pull the garden pipe for big mama.

Usually big mama chooses Sundays to work in the garden, but from past two days she’s on festival holidays. So, she spends most of her time in the garden.

Today morning, big mama and I planted 6 – 8 new plants.

Two plants had thick thorns, but also bright red flowers on them. Big mama told me to be careful while I was sniffing the flowers.

After a poke on my nose, I obeyed big mama and sat quietly beside her.

Big mama cleaned the flowerpots and filled them with little mud while chatting with me. She placed each new plant carefully in the flowerpots and filled them up with more mud.

She then got up to bring the garden pipe to water all the new plants. I helped her to pull the pipe closer to the plants.

While watering the new plants, big mama filled a flat earthen pot for me to play in the water.

I dipped my paws and snout in the pot and made bubbles in the water while big mama watered all the new plants. 

I watched big mama plant all the young plants with so much love and care that it made me rethink the mischief I do when no one is on the terrace.

Instead of climbing on the flowerpots and spoiling the plants, I decided to be kind to them, just like big mama.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, making memories gardening with big mama.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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