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Dear diary,

Today mama got me my first balloon ever.

Mama and big mama had gone out somewhere and when they returned, I saw big oval shaped light and airy balls in mama’s hand.

“Balloons! Look baby, balloons! Come, take a balloon!”, exclaimed mama.

There were three brightly coloured balloons and they were all for me. Mama took one balloon and tossed it in the air.

The balloon was as light as a feather. It flew down towards me.  

At first I was a bit scared to see it move on its own, but when I tried to play with it I found it quite interesting.

I chased it and tried to hold it with my mouth. But mama was saving it from me, I wondered why.

Mama threw it in the air again, this time higher.

“Wow! This looks fun.”, I exclaimed and jumped in excitement.

I ran towards the balloon and when it was just above me, I gave it a header and it bounced back in the air.

“Woo-hoo! Let’s do this again”, screamed my brains.

I jumped the second time and headed the balloon and this time it flew towards the other side of the room and on landed on a chair.

The moment I saw it lying still on the chair, I ran to grab it, and POP!

There was a loud sound and the balloon was gone.

“Woh! How did this magic happen?”, I thought all amazed.

Mama laughed and showed me the pieces of the balloon lying on the chair.

How did that big oval balloon shrink into such small pieces?

Before I could put the balloon pieces in my mouth to solve this mystery, mama picked them up and gently told me it is not safe for me to do so.

I obeyed mama and stepped back.

I had a lot of fun playing with my first balloon today.

This is baby Hyena signing-off rushing to play with more balloons with my balloon-buddy, Tuffy.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾 

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