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Dear diary,

Today I became friends with a tiny hooman.

I met this mini hooman a week ago. She came home the day after my accident with one dada hooman & one mama hooman.

She is the tiniest hooman I have ever seen.

I wonder, how many mini hoomans exist in this world, and, do all smell like milk and taste like butter like her?

This baby hooman comes to see me every morning and plays with me in the afternoon.

She picks a toy from my toy box and gives it to me to chew. She rolls my favourite cloth-ball towards me and claps when I catch it.

But if I look somewhere else or do not pay attention to her, she hits me with the cloth-ball and laughs when I blink rapidly.

Every single time she looks at me, she smiles and pets me gently on my face.

She gets very excited when I stretch my long legs.

And when I bark to boo her, she screams and laughs at me as loud as she can.

I love her hearty laughs. It makes me very happy, especially during these days when I am sad and cannot go out to play.

This tiny hooman is very cute, but she’s the cutest when she tries to copy my bark.

Bow-wow! Bow-wow!

Most of the time, she babbles in a minion-pingu mix language that only I can understand.

We speak the same language, but the best part, we have the same height and energy.

I cannot wait to get well soon, and run around and play with my tiny hooman friend.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, excited to see my mini hooman friend again in the morning.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye🐾

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