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Dear diary,

Today morning I woke up all energetic and playful as usual.

When I went upstairs, I saw big mama pruning some plants. After I kissed her, I ran towards the swing area to play with Selfie.

Selfie was not interested in wrestling because she was busy barking at the eagles. So, I looked for some mischief because I could not contain all my morning-energy.

I thought of digging some flowerpots but big mama and mama were around.

Suddenly, I noticed there was something strange lying near the swing. I could smell it from one end of the terrace. It was a heap of wet manure drying in the sun.

“RUN”, screamed my brains, and I was already on the heap of manure in 4 hops.

I rolled on the manure heap and splashed some of it on the terrace walls. I also dug a deep hole in the manure heap and rolled inside it.

Within minutes there was more manure on me than on the ground. I was smelling like a cow.

Alas! Mama saw me rolling on the manure and screamed her head off. She knew what was coming and I knew she was not happy about it.

She sprinted towards me yelling my name and I left the manure heap and ran.

Mama shouted – “Close the garden gate.” Big mama darted towards the gate but I dodged her and escaped the trap.

Running down the stairs I realized that I was airbrushing the stairs and walls.

When I was downstairs in the courtyard, I jumped into the bucket of water kept near the gate. What? It is used to wash our hands and legs.

Mama was already behind me yelling at me to stop and I was at the door.

To my luck, uncle opened the door for me to get inside, not knowing about the wet manure on me.

I ran into the living room to hide under the chairs and further bolted into the bedroom to take cover under the bed.

I was panting heavily on my bedding which was now smeared with smelly wet manure.

Mama walked in and dragged me out from under the bed and took me in for a bath.

She laughed while bathing me and told me that I was a real treat – to watch.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, mooing like a cow at mama.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾 

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