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Dear diary,

I have over 30 toys in my toy-box but I only like to play with Squeaky Kitty.

Unfortunately, this morning when I was playing with Squeaky Kitty, she got injured. My tooth tore open her neck and the cotton inside her popped out.

It was an awful sight. Poor Kitty!

Mama took her away to give her first-aid and gave me a new toy to play. It was a rubber knot chew ball with a bell.

I had seen this knotty ball before also, but I didn’t much care about it.

I left the toy and walked away. Moreover, I was extremely worried about Squeaky Kitty.

I was sad the entire day but in the evening mama brought out this knotty chew ball for our regular play session.

She shook the rubber knot chew ball and the bell inside made a tinkling sound.

Mama saw that I was not interested in the knotty ball so she showed many tricks with it like, throwing in up in the air, rolling it down the wall, etc. But nothing amazed me.

Then suddenly Tuffy approached the knotty ball and started playing with it.

I have noticed, Tuffy doesn’t like many toys but he really likes balls. And, I like toys that Tuffy likes. Yes, I’m a big bully. I shamelessly admit it.

So, the moment he started playing with the knotty ball, I quickly got up and rushed towards Tuffy and pushed him to grab the ball.

He looked annoyed and started cribbing. He stood still and barked at me as he was very irritated. He also barked in mama’s face and did not move at all after that.

Mama then took the ball from me and rolled it on the floor, passing it through Tuffy’s legs. I ran to fetch the ball and went sliding under Tuffy.

He got unbalanced and almost fell on the floor. He felt really annoyed and walked away in disgust.

While he was walking away, once again mama rolled the knotty ball under Tuffy and I ran to get it again.

We did this a couple of time and he understood he was being bullied by mama and me.

Tuffy hopped and dodged the ball and ran for his life.

Mama laughed a lot and I started playing with my new toy.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, chewing my new toy in front of annoyed Tuffy.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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