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Dear diary,

After a rainy night, today was a sunny day. So, I enjoyed the sun a little longer than usual days.

Mama was busy weeding the garden, Selfie was guarding the house, Tuffy was sniffing a snail, and I was basking in the sun when I suddenly noticed something flying towards me.

It had a small round head, a pair of wings, very thin legs with just three fingers, and kept making a peculiar sound constantly. 

“Oh look, Hyena! It’s a pigeon”, exclaimed mama.

“Say hi to Mr. Pigeon, he has come to see you”, said mama.

I greeted Mr. Pigeon with a curious hello as I had a question to ask him. I always wanted to know about wings.

Mama got busy with her work, and left me and Mr. Pigeon to have a chat.

Before I could ask Mr. Pigeon my question, he asked me about my fractured leg, and advised me to be careful near the balcony.

He told me he had a similar accident when he was a year old, but when he fell, he used his wings to fly and saved himself.

I wish I had wings like you Mr. Pigeon; I could have used them when I fell from the terrace.

“Wings are useful for sure, but it is very hard to maintain them, especially in the rainy season. Moreover, our wings are not as strong as your legs, little pup. They have soft feathers and tender bones that can snap very easily. And, when our wings are hurt, it’s a difficult task to walk on these thin legs with three fingers”, said Mr. Pigeon.

Mr. Pigeon also said, “You are a very strong pup. I see you hopping around and barking at us even in such pain. You will be fine very soon. Just don’t bite off that plaster on your leg, and rest as much as you can.”

I thanked Mr. Pigeon for being so kind, and to give his precious time to encourage me and boost me up.

I like Mr. Pigeon.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, promising not to bark at Mr. Pigeon and his family anymore.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  

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