10 Ways Dogs Play Tricks On Humans

dogs play tricks

Dogs are cute, loyal, and friendly; they will make you laugh non-stop with their funny acts. They are known to be the best friend of humans. But there is something you may not know; dogs play tricks on humans to get what they need.

It takes time to understand their behavior and shenanigans but you will be amazed once you get it. Their behavior shifts between cooperation and competition or obedience and manipulation.

The Reason Behind Their Deceiving Tactics:

Dog antics are very common behaviors seen in most dogs, especially the young and naughty ones. These tactics and tricks are mostly used by the dogs to get the thing they want from the humans. Mostly, the reasons behind their deceptive tactics are getting an extra treat or getting your attention. 

However, sometimes, dogs play tricks with us to simply have fun. Just like humans, dogs can be pranksters, too. Dogs also adjust their behavior depending on who they are with. Dogs are not obedient always, let’s face it! 

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How Dogs Play Tricks On Humans ?

Here I have listed 10 ways that dogs can play tricks on you to get anything, might be an extra sausage;

1. Hide To Make You Panic-Stricken :

This is the most common way dogs play tricks with their humans. When you come home, your pup may not be there to welcome you at the door. You call his name repeatedly but there is no response from him. Soon you begin to panic, thinking, maybe something bad has happened to him. 

You frantically search for your dog in the whole house. The moment you get completely drained, they appear out of nowhere. Perhaps, all this while they were secretly keeping an eye on you and dodging you.

You get relieved and shower your furry lifeline with kisses and doggie treats. Mission accomplished! That’s what it was all about. 

2. Act Like A Convicted Criminal :

In this particular dogs play, when you come home, your dog welcomes you. Unlike the previous trick, there is no game of peek-a-boo. But as he stands before you, he acts bizarrely like he has done something wrong. 

Your mind clicks and you desperately search your home to know what you will see this time – a half bitten shoe or a completely knocked off flowerpot. While you search, you keep asking your dog in a scared and shaken voice what did he do. To your surprise, there is nothing to worry about as everything is fine and in place. 

You are deceived once again! 

3. Efforts To Grab The Attention :

Just like kids, dogs are born attention seekers. They always want your attention no matter what the time or situation is. Sometimes they do strange things to grab human attention. For instance, you take your four-legged friend out for a walk and he will go poop at the center of the place where a lot of people can watch him. 

This is all to grab your attention and to embarrass you if you haven’t brought a poop bag (disposable plastic bag).

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4. Put You In An Awkward Situation :

You have invested a couple of months to teach your pooch a certain trick. He has perfectly learned the trick and has repeated it innumerable times in front of you. 

But when you ask him to do the same trick in front of someone else like a relative or friend, he pretends like he has no idea of what you are talking about. He is reluctant to show it to others and stares insanely back at you.

Maybe Fido likes to put his two-legged friend in an awkward situation or just do it just for fun.

5. Test Your Patience :

If you are a dog parent, you will definitely relate to this one. Dogs play this trick when they are on walks.

It is time to go pee! You have taken your pooch to the yard and now waiting for him to finish. He starts sniffing around the whole yard. Shoving his nose in the grass, he licks his snout, sniffs the fresh air above his head, again looks down and now inspects some pebbles, hellos the insects behind them, and probably does everything except peeing. He is taking too much time to decide where he should pee.

This is a trick to test your patience. You have no option but to wait for them until their bursting tummy won’t let him continue the trick.

6. Make Their Own Rules :

My life, my rules – is the motto of every single dog in this world. Your little devil will obey you until his mood swings will attack you, making him rebellious. For instance, he will let you bathe him, but when you try to towel dry him, he will crazily run away and dry himself by jumping up on the sheets.

He will show independence by walking as slowly as possible when you call him.

7. Disturbing Your Sleep :

Another trick dogs use to play on their human friend is by disturbing you while you are asleep. It’s still an hour before your wake-up time; your morning lark mutt will wake you up for his morning pee. 

He will immediately fall asleep after getting back inside but your sleep has been ruined. You couldn’t sleep after going outside, this will drive you nuts.

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8. Being Weirdo :

Out of the blue, Fido will act weird and try to irritate you by all means. You are in the bathroom; your pooch will shove his snout at the bottom of the door and sniff insanely. Soon he will become your security guard and wait for you outside.

Sometimes, he will get a handful of mating instincts and try to perform it in public; sometimes with a chair leg, or a table leg, and in extreme cases, it could be your leg.

Dogs want to be your center of attention, so they do anything-everything that can grab your attention and gaze. 

9. Awfully Awesome :

Dogs can not only be prankish, they can also be pukish. The more you love this cute furry creature, the more you hate them for their disgusting acts. They love to throw up in your new car. Hunting dead seagulls, fish, and crabs is their favorite hobby.

Most of all, their love for diaper pails is undeniable. They will explore the loathsome beauty of diapers, and will try to dig out soiled diapers. They will not stop here, they will make sure to fill the whole area with those diapers to spread out the aroma for you.

After getting done with such a sweet session, they will nuzzle and lick your face to show an eternal love for you. Imagine getting this love after having scrumptious meat! Isn’t it lovely?

10. Puzzle The Strangers :

They won’t limit their tricks on you; strangers will also get the taste of their naughty tricks. You will witness this when you’ll take your dog out.

Every time a stranger will pass by, your pooch will start coughing and choking. He may start barking excessively to puzzle them out. And, if a stranger freaks out, your dog will repeatedly do it to have fun.

 But if the stranger is a dog person, he will soon know that dogs play these tricks and definitely feel sorry for you.

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To Sum Up !

In a parallel world, dogs are loyal, friendly, obedient, and innocent. But in the world we belong to, this is not the case.

They are obedient but with a bit of defiance, they are cooperative sometimes but are competitive most of the time. 

They play tricks to get an extra morsel or to grab your attention, so don’t take them wrong. You have to deal with them appropriately; you don’t have to freak out.

With some training sessions, and lots of patience, dogs can be your picture-perfect furry friend.

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