Hi, I am Amita Satur

I am the creator & writer of NamasteDoggy.com, a weblog which offers dog parents and enthusiasts a one-stop-info-column for all things related to dogs. I discovered that dogs understood me more than my human friends, and hence, I became a dog guardian when I was just 8-years old.

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puppies born at the Florida Airport

Amazing story of puppies born at the Florida Airport

puppies born at the Florida Airport – now that’s a surprise of a lifetime! Passengers and employees at the Tampa ...
a blind dog echoloaction

Story of a blind dog who can see using echolocation

When Rowan, a German Spitz was born, his owner Mrs. Sam Orchard kept waiting for him to open his eyes ...
diogee the dog

Diogee-The dog who is the new staff member in a school

Can you imagine a different kind of teacher in a school – one with four legs, a tail, and tons ...
chaw chaw dog breed

Chow Chow Dog Breed Interesting Facts & Trivia

When you see a fluffy, royal dog with a signature lion-like mane and teddy-bear face, then it’s a Chow Chow ...
Dogs with behaviour problems

Dogs with behaviour problems : Signs, Causes and Solutions

Though dogs were domesticated 15,000 years ago, many dog habits are still instinctive to them. If not trained, these habits ...
missing dog

Story of a missing dog found 500 feet underground in a cave

Recently, in Missouri, when Gerry, a caver was on a spelunking trip, 500 feet deep inside a cave, he suddenly ...
stray dog mother

Story of a stray dog who saved an abandoned new-born baby

Dog spelled backwards is God and this incredible story of a stray dog is nothing less than a miracle of ...
can dogs eat blueberries

Can dogs eat Blueberries ? Find out the answer here

Blueberries are one of the most popular berries frequently eaten in the United States of America. And, every dog parent ...

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