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Dear diary,

Tuffy was not himself today. He looked little weak and sluggish.

Though he’ll soon be 14, he runs up the stairs every day with us and barks at the strangers in the quiet afternoons. He is really fit and alert for his age.

But today he did not join us for the daily morning-walk nor for lunch. He did not eat anything the entire day. Mama had to coax him to go out for pee-pee.

It was 7pm and we expected Tuffy to join us for dinner in the front courtyard. Mama whistled signalling dinner time.

Soon, Selfie and I ran to our bowls to eat, but Tuffy was still snug in his bed.

Mama looked worried when she took Tuffy’s dinner bowl near him. She gently persuaded him to eat some food, but Tuffy simply refused.

After dinner I started playing as usual. Selfie was still eating, so I ran to nudge Tuffy to wrestle with me.

He was still lying on his bed and when I insisted to play, he turned his face away. This was the first time since morning that Tuffy had moved an inch.

Meanwhile, Selfie finished her dinner and tagged me to wrestle. Selfie had pushed me so hard that I fell on Tuffy who was trying to rest.

Mama gently told us to be careful as he wasn’t too well and needed rest.

In the next minute, I caught Selfie’s neck and pressed her on the floor. Her long legs accidentally kicked Tuffy. This was the second time mama warned us to keep a distance from him.

We got so engrossed in our mad-play that we forgot the count of how many times we landed on Tuffy, sometimes it was me and most of the times Selfie.

Tuffy, who did not move since morning, got up in disgust and snarled at us while he walked to a corner to take cover.

Tuffy was back! My grandpa shark was finally normal. Yes!

Mama was happy to see him move and so, Selfie and I kept wrestling and pushing Tuffy and falling on him, to make him move, again and again.

At last he stepped out in the front courtyard and drank some water. Then he finally ate some food and strolled in the garden upstairs.

Mama was relieved to see Tuffy back to normal.

You can thank us mama. Our mad-wrestling cured Tuffy.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, proud about bringing grandpa shark Tuffy back to normal.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye!  🐾

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