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Dear diary,

Today after a very long time I wrestled with my elder sis, Selfie.

We could not play or wrestle as it would have been risky for my fractured leg.

Now, my splint is removed and my bone has healed quite well. So, mama allows us to play together for some time.

Selfie and I love to play wrestle-mania, but today I got carried away.

Today while we were wrestling, I kept snapping Selfie’s neck.

Usually, Selfie understands that it’s just a play-fight, but today I pushed her too far.

We wrestled for 5 minutes and were was enjoying a lot.

I attacked Selfie non-stop and had her pinned down most of the time.

I grabbed her neck and pressed her to the ground. I landed on top of her almost all the time. I had the most takedowns and was ready to win the fighting combat.

All this was too much for Selfie. She got angry and didn’t want to wrestle anymore.

But I wanted more points to add to my winning score.

Towards the end of our fight, I got aggressive and grabbed Selfie’s neck a little too hard.

I had tested her boundaries.

Selfie snarled at me and warned me to back-off. But I acted stubborn and went back to grab her neck.

Selfie snapped and caught my leg, the same leg that had a fracture 5 weeks ago.

Thankfully, it just got bruised, and I deserve it.

Mama carried me away and put me in a timeout for some time.

I realized my mistake of agitating Selfie, who usually tolerates all my mischief so patiently, just like an elder sister.

This is baby Hyena signing-off, trying not to provoke Selfie again.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾

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