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hyena's secret hideout

Dear diary,

I have a secret hideout, and today mama found me there after many attempts of searching.

Whenever I do some mischief downstairs, like chew a shoe or tear up some clothes, I use this place to hide.

I also come here to eat some mud and grass peacefully, far from mama.

Though I’m not allowed to come upstairs all by myself, but I manage to make a quick escape when mama is busy.

I know it might sound dangerous as my fractured leg still needs rest, but it really isn’t.

Most of the time mama carries me to the terrace. But today as I found the gate open, I ran off to the garden upstairs.

Mama ran after me, and so did Selfie and Tuffy. Mama allowed us to play a little while and got busy with cleaning some flowerpots, watching us from a distance.

Selfie ran down to chase some dogs in the lane in front of our house, and Tuffy got fed up of the sun and left.

Mama was still busy as I made my getaway to my secret hideout.

Within a few seconds I could see mama searching for me all over the garden, frantically calling my name.

Till today mama had no idea of my secret hideout.

I wanted to hide more, but I saw mama worried, whistling to call me, and running downstairs to look for me.

I left my hideout and ran to mama. She saw me coming from the terrace and smiled, asking me where I was all this while.

I ran back to the terrace garden and showed mama my cozy secret hideout.

Mama kissed me and let me be there for some more time.

This is baby Hyena signing-off from her secret hideout.

See you tomorrow again! Bye-bye! 🐾

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