Do you find French bulldog cute ? Here are 10 interesting facts for you

french bulldog cute

Do you find the French Bulldog cute? So do I. Well, one can easily see why we all go gaga over these cute little Frenchies. They make you smile, they make you go “aww”, and they make you want one of your very own. No one can resist that adorable smooshy face.

Café, park, flashy party in town, or simply snoring on a lap, they are literally everywhere. Who doesn’t love a small fun-loving dog with a wrinkly face, perky bat ears, and velvety-fur! Above all, with their friendly personality, French Bulldogs make the best companions for a family, especially with kids or toddlers.

With all these amazing features, the French Bulldog has become the cutest, most coveted and popular dog breed in the world. It ranks number 1 in the UK, and by the year 2020 it became the second most trending dog in the United States in terms of popularity.

Apart these, there are some more very interesting facts about the French Bulldog that will definitely blow your mind.


1. French Bulldogs are not from France


Yes, the French Bulldog has origins from England, and not France. A little history will help!

In early 1800s, the English Bulldogs were used as a sporting breed. After the dog-fighting was banned in 1835, the Bulldogs became show dogs, and soon their use changed from a sporting breed to a companion breed. To reduce their size, these English Bulldogs were bred with Terriers and Pugs. By 1850, the toy size dog breed – Toy Bulldog had become common in England.

At the same time, lace workers from Nottingham (England) began settling in Normandy (France) after being displaced by the Industrial Revolution. They brought with them these cute little homely pups. The pups were lap warmers for the lace workers as they sat and worked all day.

Gradually, these pups became popular among the artists, writers, fashion designers, and working girls all over Paris. Soon a trade in import of these dogs started, with breeders from England sending the dogs they considered to be too small, or with flaws like ears that stood up like bats.

These bat-eared Toy Bulldogs gradually became thought of as a breed in France, and hence, received a name, the Bouledogue Francais (The French Bulldog). In no time, the high-society ladies fell in love with the pups, too, and the French Bulldog became a status symbol.

The French Bulldog first appeared in the United States in the late 19th century. They were very well received, earning the nickname “Frenchie,” as well as the heart and home of notable dog parents like the Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan families.

2. Frenchies are fashionistas

It is not hard to notice how popular these swaggers have become in the fashion world. Whether it is wearing a tee and pajama at home, or flashing a bling collar and hoodie at a party, these delightful fashionistas are in vogue.

It is because of this super chic street style look, one instantly finds the French Bulldog cute and adorable.

Lately, the Frenchie has been making a huge wave in the fashion industry. Strutting on brands like ‘ Woof ’, the French Bulldogs are also huge sensations on Instagram accounts and other reputable clothing lines. Even Marc Jacobs, one of America’s most successful designers, has released his own range of French Bulldog accessories.

Given its calm and friendly aura, every day is perfect to play dress up with a Frenchie. French Bulldog owners love to strut their pups in the latest dog outfits, dog accessories, and easy walk harnesses. These pampered pooches seem to love all the attention.

Some of the Hollywood stars that have been seen playing with their French Bulldog pups include The Rock, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lady Gaga.

3. They have two styles of ears

If you are a new French Bulldog owner, one of the most common concerns must be whether your dog is destined to have erect ears or floppy ears.

Well, most French Bulldogs today are known for their bat-shaped ears. Originally, they had rose-shaped ears, which is almost the same to their larger English relatives – The English Bulldog. Actually, the English breeders preferred the rose-shaped ears, but the American enthusiasts liked the distinct bat ears.

So, new Frenchie owners, here’s the truth – watching these dog’s ears go up will be both an interesting and entertaining process since their ears seemingly do all sorts of wonky things especially during their teething stage.

When your dog’s ears begin to go up, in most instances, they don’t do it at the same time.  It is really funny when one ear can be up while another one down, and then the following day, the opposite ear will stand and/or lay down. This may carry on for weeks.

Additionally, when their ears begin standing up, often, they aren’t completely straight. They almost resemble airplane wings. Funny, right?

So, the point here is, when your dog moves past his teething phase, generally, his ears will stand erect. Just have fun meanwhile!

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4. Most French Bulldogs can’t swim

If you have a swimming pool at home, you will have to constantly watch your little Frenchie because if he accidentally falls into it, he might not be able to swim.

Because of their somewhat bulgy bodies, most French bulldogs can’t swim. They have heavy bones and thick muscles which makes up their weight.

In addition to their weight, these breeds have a characteristic flat face called brachycephalic, which means they have a short, wide skull. Also, due to their short snouts, they need to lift up their faces higher to remain out of the water. Since their heads require to be tilted up, they have more trouble staying above water.

What’s more is that their short legs do not help much while swimming.

Weather factors like high humidity, and exhaustion due to the same may also affect the ability of your dog to stay afloat.

Besides, there are more health factors common in these breeds like rheumatism, arthritis, and chills, which are more reasons to keep them out of water at all cost.

If you do decide to put them in water, make sure you put on a proper dog life jacket.

5. A French Bulldog was on-board the Titanic

Robert W. Daniel brought his French bulldog with him on board the Titanic for the unfortunate historical journey. He was not just any French Bulldog, but a 2-year-old Champion named Gamin de Pycombe. He was a star of a show who had cost his master Robert W. Daniel the sum of what would be more than $20,000 today.

After the sinking of the ill-fated ship, it was reported that Robert survived the disaster and lived until 1940. Unfortunately, his French Bulldog, Gamin de Pycombe was not as lucky.

6. Frenchies are a very sensitive breed

Mind your words, coz those cheeks may drop!

Some dogs don’t really care about shouts and stern looks, but Frenchies are a very sensitive breed. They don’t take criticism or shouts lightly. If you scold a Frenchie, he is likely to sulk and act dramatic.

At the very first stern look followed by – “ bad doggy ”, those bat-ears are gonna droop. If you carry on, soon you’ll find him brood and walk around the house.

Since they’re overly sensitive, you must be extra careful and avoid saying these things to a French Bulldog:

  • ‘’Bad dog!’’
  • “You’re a little fat dog.”
  • ‘’No more treats!’’
  • ‘’Go away, play with the other dogs.’’
  •  ‘’Look at me when I’m talking to you.’’
  • ‘’I like my cat more.’’
  •  ‘’Nice bat ears, shorty’’
  • ‘’Are you even French?’’


While a Frenchie can take things to heart, you have to note that the dog is an incredible attention seeker, and hence, will respond better to love and positive reinforcement.

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7. Flights are a problem for French Bulldogs

Similar to Pugs, French Bulldogs have shorter snouts compared to other dogs.

These flat faces and smaller snouts can cause a variety of breathing problems in dogs.

With changing temperatures and different oxygen levels, it can become really uncomfortable for a French Bulldog to breathe. Such situations can be fatal for these dogs.

Many breeds like Bulldogs and Pugs have died in a cargo, so as a result, many airlines have banned them from flying. 

Thankfully, there are special airlines just for pets, like Pet Jets, Pet Airways, and Pet Travels. These companies help transport dogs with special needs on their own flights separate from their owners. No joke, there are attendants on these special pet-only flights to take care of the petsengers, especially if they get sick or panic. 

Now, that reminded me of Madagascar movie ! 😁

8. French Bulldogs are chatty canines

All dogs communicate using different tones, barks, grunts, body language and facial expressions. But, notably, a French bulldog is a talkative breed. Though they do not bark much, they will not hesitate to let you know when they want something!

They produce weird sounds like yawns, snorts, cries, farts, snores, yips, and gargles to communicate, and sometimes a combo of these sounds may actually sound like they are speaking their own language.   

They may also grumble and make odd sounds while displaying frustrated facial expressions when they get a scolding from you.

Their voice is quite expressive and sometimes it may really mean something. So listen carefully, your Frenchie may be sharing some of his wisdom with you.

9. They are born through artificial insemination

80% of French bulldogs don’t breed naturally due to their unusual body structure. Males have a hard time mounting the females, and they often get exhausted trying to reproduce naturally.

Female French Bulldogs also have trouble delivering pups. As a result, to give birth to young ones, they need artificial insemination paired with a C-section. The operation ensures the dog will not have to deal with too much stress, and it also helps prevents future health complications.

On an average, Frenchies give birth to three puppies at a times. In rare instances, the French Bulldog has 7 – 8 puppies in one litter.

While this measure makes each litter of pups more expensive, it also allows breeders to check for potential problems during the process, because bulldogs have ‘silent’ or erratic heats that might be a side effect of impaired thyroid or thyroid disease.

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10. They make great babysitters

Frenchies are great in forming relationships, especially with kids.

This friendly and affectionate dog breed is perfect with children. They are guardians to littles ones. 

They faithfully watch over babies with utmost calmness and patience. Moreover, they don’t bark much and are not noisy, they can easily enjoy time in crates and pens with kids.

From the very first minute they meet, they become buddies. French bulldogs are small, playful and fun. No wonder why kids find a French bulldog cute !

Since the French Bulldogs were bred specifically for companionship, they really know how to love.

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