Amazing Dog Feats

Basically, a feat represents a talent, an area of expertise or an accomplishment. A feat is the output of training, skill, strength, and stamina. These feats give individuals special capabilities. Interestingly, dogs are capable of amazing feats. If put in enough time, one can train almost any dog to do quite well in most dog sports, science and adventures. Dogs can and have been able to execute certain things that humans are capable of doing, sometimes better than humans, due to their physical structure. So, here at Amazing Dogs Feats you will be introduced to some extraordinary feats that dogs have been able to accomplish.

Mission Statement: Amazing Dogs Feats

Dog feats can be mystical, magical and truly supernatural in many ways. Sharing a life with dogs is gratifying, fun and entertaining. Apparently, the most amusing aspect of interacting with dogs is observing their ability to wow us with their phenomenal skills. From being able to pull off daredevil stunts to detecting life-threatening situations in humans, here are some stand-out achievements of dogs that you may not know about.

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Amazing Dogs Feats

1. Currently the world’s fastest human being is Usain Bolt who set a world record with the top speed of nearly 28 miles per hour (mph) and has an average speed of 23 mph. The world’s fastest dogs are Greyhounds. Their top running speeds average 40 mph, and they have been known to reach speeds of up to 45 mph.

2. In history, many lost dogs have been known to travel thousands of miles to find their way home to their owners. Well, dogs are able to accomplish this amazing dogs feats due to their ability to smell scents fifty times more than humans. Also because of the fact that more than half their brain has been wired to process the signal of scent. Research proves, dogs are able to smell scents that are 40-50 feet underground. And this is the reason why dogs are used to detect drugs and solve crimes.

3. The average bite pressure of a human is 120 pounds. A dog’s bite applies an average of 320 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi). The Mastiff, which holds a record of 552 pounds psi, is the dog breed with the highest bite force.

4. Woof Morning Mr. Mayor! Bosco, a black Labrador-Rottweiler mixed breed, was mayor of Sunol, California, from 1981 to 1994. He defeated two humans to win the 1981 election, with his campaign promise: “a bone in every dish, a cat in every tree, and a fire hydrant in every corner,” a news channel reported. Lately in November 2020, a Bulldog beat a Beagle and Golden Retriever in an interspecies municipal race to become ‘mayor’ of a community in the state of Kentucky in United States. Small towns in California, Minnesota, Colorado, as well as San Francisco have all had dog mayors.

5. The fine sense of smell of dogs has credited to the amazing dogs feats over recent years. In addition, dogs have participated in centuries’ worth of scientific discoveries and innovations, and done amazing things like sniffing out early signs of COVID-19 illness, various kinds of cancer, predicting a seizure, and even detecting a low blood sugar.

6. Humans can detect sounds at 20,000 cycles per second, while dogs can sense frequencies of 40-60,000 cycles per second. A dog can hear ten times better than a human, and not only this, they can hear four times farther than humans. Dogs can easily hear pitches outside of the human range of hearing.

7. Dogs have been known to save the lives of humans in cases where there has been an accident, a fire, and someone drowning. I remember an incident I watched on the news channel, where a man fell several feet while hiking with his dog and was unable to walk due to a broken leg. His dog took care of him and even went looking for help which led to his rescue. This true story was created into a movie.

8. Canines have celebrated achievements in Cinema too. Over the years, many dogs have been a part of cinema and sitcoms. Well, it is not easy being a canine celebrity. From ‘Marley & Me’ to ‘Togo’ you can have a weekend of canine movie marathon.

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Dogs Amazing Feats in World Records

1. Rupee, the first dog to travel for 10 days to Everest base camp with his owner, Joanne Lefson, taking him to the lofty altitude of 17,000 feet, was a stray. Joanne found Rupee as a starving puppy on the streets of Ladakh, India. Joanne took him home to South Africa and returned to India just months later for their Everest challenge.

2. The highest jump by a dog, recorded 6.28 ft. (191.7 cm), was achieved by Feather (USA) in Frederick, Maryland, USA, on 14 September 2017.

3. In 1974, Ashley the whippet and his owner stole the show at a National Baseball game by suddenly performing frisbee stunts as a surprise to the audience. Instantly, both Ashley and his frisbee tricks became famous, and their disc-catching game turned into the annual Frisbee Disc Canine Championship.

4. Most skips by a dog and person in one minute using a single rope is 59, and was achieved by Jessica and her owner Rachael Grylls (both UK), in Lewdown, UK, on 1 December 2016.

5. The officially documented record of the world’s oldest dog is held by an Australian Cattle Dog called Bluey who died in 1939, aged 29 years and 5 months.

6. The longest wave surfed by a self-surfboarding dog was achieved by Abbie Girl (USA) at Ocean Beach Dog Beach, in San Diego, California, USA, on 18 October 2011. Abbie’s stunt was recorded at a height of 351.7 ft.

7. Bobbie is the first dog to travel over 2,500 miles to get home to his family after getting lost during a family vacation. Despite searching all over the place, the family thought he was gone. But six months later he appeared on their doorstep, weak and thin. This memorable journey earned him a new nickname after he returned home, ‘Bobbie the Wonder Dog.’ No other dogs hold this feat since; the Guinness World Record is held by Jimpa, who travelled 2,000 miles to his old home after being lost for 14 months. If only these canines could tell the tales of where they had been.

8. Norman the Scooter Dog, owned by Karen Cobb (USA), achieved the feat of the longest 30m scooter ride, at All Tournament Players Park, in Marietta, Georgia, USA, on 12 July 2013. The record time was 20.77 seconds.

9. A Labrador named Tubby, owned by Sandra Gilmore (UK), had helped recycle an estimated 26,000 plastic bottles over six years by collecting them on his daily walks, crushing them and passing them to his owner.

10. The feat for the fastest time for a dog to retrieve a person from water over a distance of 25 m was achieved by Jack and his handler Hans-Joachim, on a lake in Kaarst, Germany, in a total of 1 minute and 36.812 seconds.

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