Sylvester Stallone gets a new dog that seems to match his personality. Stallone, now 76, has been a working actor for over 50 years.

Stallone's   new “four legged friend” is named Dwight. He is a strong and hard looking Rottweiler dog

Dwight is named after Stallone's characters in his new show Tulsa King, where he plays a former Italian mobster Dwight “The General” Manfredi.

Rottweiler dog breed is named after a town in Germany around 73 or 74 AD,, according to The Rottweiler Club of the U.K

Rottweilers Served as Rescue Dogs in New York Immediately after following the terror attacks of 9/11

Rottweiler dogs are almost extinct now because of Industrialization, Rottweiler's were herding dogs before 1900s.

Some dogs are amazing swimmers and some are so fast that they could beat a Cheetah