A dog owner has left a list of 'ridiculous' rules for his dog sitter to follow while on vacation in the Caribbean

The dog sitter who shared her ruthless guidance to Reddit revealed that she wasn't getting paid for overly onerous nursing and was just helping a friend.

The list of instructions begins innocently enough with a cheerful, “Hey, hey girly. [Redacted] said you were going to be house sitting and animal watching. First of all, thank you!”

The dog owner then listed "some rules and wishes" for her and her partner when it comes to caring for the animals.

“1. Please be here at 6.30am sharp for first feeding. 12pm sharp for lunch and 5.30pm sharp for dinner.

“2. Please clean up around the food and water areas after each feeding (make sure you are staying until they finish). The cat sometimes takes a while so be mindful of that.

“3. 15 minutes after feeding concludes, please take the dogs out individually for personal play time.

“4. During play time if they defecate, please pick up the remains. We are trying to keep the backyard clean.

5. Each of the pups will need an individual walk each evening. “6. Please message me at the conclusion of each trip and let us know if anything went wrong.”

Owner summarizes the following comments for not paying : “Thanks again. We wish we could compensate you but we went all out on this Cozumel trip and we are on a tight budget right now.”

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