French Bulldogs are not from France

Yes, the French Bulldog has origins from England, and not France. A little history will help!

Frenchies are fashionistas

The Frenchie has been making a huge wave in the fashion industry. Strutting on brands like ‘ Woof ’, the French Bulldogs are also huge sensations on Instagram.

They have two styles of ears

Most French Bulldogs today are known for their bat-shaped ears. Originally, they had rose-shaped ears, which is almost the same to their  relatives – The English Bulldog.

Most French Bulldogs can’t swim

Because of their somewhat bulgy bodies, most French bulldogs can’t swim. They have heavy bones and thick muscles which makes up their weight.

A French Bulldog was on-board the Titanic

Robert W. Daniel brought his French bulldog named Gamin de Pycombe with him on board the Titanic for the unfortunate historical journey.

Frenchies are a very sensitive breed

Dogs don’t really care about shouts and stern looks, but Frenchies are a very sensitive breed. They don’t take criticism or shouts lightly.

Flights are a problem for French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have shorter snouts compared to other dogs. These flat faces and smaller snouts can cause a variety of breathing problems in dogs.

French Bulldogs are chatty canines

French bulldog is a talkative breed. Though they do not bark much, they will not hesitate to let you know when they want something!

Bulldogs born through artificial insemination

80% of French bulldogs don’t breed naturally due to their unusual body structure. Males have a hard time mounting the females.

They make great babysitters

Frenchies are great in forming relationships, especially with kids. This friendly and affectionate dog breed is perfect with children. They are guardians to littles ones.

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