Why dogs love Cheez Its

Dogs can eat all sorts of food items, and since they love crunchy snacks and the smell of cheese, they are easily attracted towards this mouth-watering snack food.

Are Cheez Its good for your dog

Though Cheez Its provide an easy way to share meals with your dog, it really doesn’t have much nutritional benefit for your dog.

Can dogs eat Cheez Its

Just like other snacks, Cheez Its are usually safe for dogs to eat once in a while, but dogs should not eat them on a regular basis.

Can Dogs Eat White Cheddar Cheez Its

Dogs can eat white cheddar Cheez Its once in a while in moderation. It has basically the same ingredients as regular Cheez-Its and can be eaten occasionally.

Can dogs eat cheese crackers

Yes, dogs can eat ordinary cheese crackers in a limit. Bear in mind – cheese crackers are high in salt. Salt is not recommended for dogs as they are very sensitive to salt.

Can dogs choke on Cheez It bits

Cheez Its are small chips of crunchy biscuits. But keep an eye on your tiny pup. He may choke on Cheez Its, especially if he gobbles multiple crackers together.

Are Cheez Its bad for dogs

I wouldn’t say Cheez-It crackers are exactly bad or unsafe for dogs. However, they definitely aren’t nutritious even though they are branded to be nutritious.

Risk of feeding your dog Cheez Its

Some dogs can be allergic to milk and wheat – both ingredients in Cheez It crackers. Also, if a dog eats too much cheese his tummy won’t feel good.

When not to give a dog Cheez Its

-Avoid giving Cheez Its to your dog if he is lactose intolerant or allergic. -Do not give your dog Cheez Its if he has pancreatitis.  and there are few more


For ultimate safety of your dog, I recommend you to talk to your vet about all the questions you have about your dog eating Cheez Its cheese crackers.

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