What happens when a puppy eats stone

If stone is small, it may pass through in your puppy’s stool. but, even smaller stones can also cause an intestinal blockage, especially when there are more than 1

Is it dangerous for puppies to eat stones

Yes, it is. Even though it is a very popular behaviour in canines, but a puppy eating a stone is not a good news.

Why do puppies eat stones

-Medical reasons -Psychological reasons -Behavioural reasons

How to train your puppy to stop eating stones

-Behavioural Training -Distraction -Use commands -Muzzle training   Read full article to know   more in  detail

Other tips for dealing with puppies that are eating rocks

Fencing off a stone-free area in your garden or backyard may be useful if you have a rock-eater puppy.

Will my puppy grow out of this habit

Yes, your pup is not going to live in the ‘stone-age’ forever. Puppies grow out of the typical chewing and eating behaviors at around 6 months of age.


Stones, rocks and pebbles are everywhere, so supervision is necessary to quickly intervene in case your pup accidentally swallows something

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