The History of Howling

Wolves are the ancestors of dogs and the howling sound is habitually used by wolves as a way to unite with other wolves.

Why Do Dogs Howl

The howling behavior is sometimes triggered by sounds like sirens or horns, other dogs howling, a sound on the television, someone singing or an owner imitating a howling sound.

Reasons That Must Be Addressed

-Pack Separation Anxiety -Owner Separation Anxiety -Isolation Distress -Sad and Annoyed -Medical Issues

Harmless Reasons

-To mark their territorial presence -To grab their owner’s attention -To alert their owner about possible danger -To make contact and acknowledge other dogs

Training a Dog Not to Howl

-Redirecting his attention -Desensitization and Counterconditioning (DSCC) -Spending Time with your Dog

The Dogs Most Likely to Howl

 Studies say, as a dog gets older it tends to howl more often. This is especially true of senior dogs who become disoriented due to dementia or loss of vision or hearing.

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