Common Mistakes

-Buying and not adopting -Getting wrong breed -Not fulfilling your dog’s  basic need --Neglecting vet visits --Not controlling/managing  litter

Shopping list for first time dog owners

-A leash and harness -A steel or ceramic food and water bowl -A comfy bed or bedding -A ball/toy for playtime -A chew-bone -A poop scooper/poop bags

Choose a veterinarian for your new dog

Your dog will need a health routine and a vet for the same. It is good for your dog to have a very friendly and happy vet who manages to handle him calmly

Raising Your Dog Right

-Go for a nice long walk -Romp the nearby park -Head out to the trails -Design a playtime with kids on weekends --Organize a family picnic/trip with your dog

Have the right dog food

Find out what your new dog has been eating and decide if you want to continue that food or start introducing them to a new food

Creating good habits from the beginning

Humans are creatures of habits, and so are dogs. Significantly, it is important to teach your new dog the dos and don’ts from the very beginning.

Maintaining a regular exercise schedule

The best way to keep a dog entertained and healthy is by working their bodies and minds through exercise.

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