Excess Hugging and Kissing

Hugs and kisses are normally not a dog’s thing. Wrapping your arms around a dog's neck or full body, and approaching him with your mouth, may be perceived as a threat.

Teasing for Fun

Dogs are naturally innocent. They do anything to keep their masters happy and thrive peacefully with common folk. But misusing these manners to tease a dog is hateful.

Unnecessary  Clothing

Don’t dress up your dog because you think they look cute or funny in them. but dogs don't like to be dressed up at all and it can make them irritated.


Dogs are creatures of habit. They get accustomed to a schedule and learn to expect certain things at certain times. In the absence of a routine, your dog will not learn anything.

Being Over Strict with Rules

Badly timed walks and forcing to defecate outside even in harsh weathers, may cause discomfort and stress in your dog

Unreasonable Rush

One of the many things dogs hate about humans is being rushed during walks. Dogs love going on walks and want to be able to take their time when they go out.

Dogs Hate Being Forced for Baths

It’s ok if your dog denies a bath, it’s not ok for you to drag him to the bathing room. Basically, most dogs hate being forced for a bath for a variety of reasons

Strong Fragrances

Your dog has about 10,000x of your ability to perceive scents. There are smells that we may barely notice, but could be irritating your dog

Patting the Head and the Face

Honestly, no human enjoys being patted on his head no matter how lovingly done. Same way dogs also don' like being patted on their head or face most of the times.

Negative Tones

Dogs don't feel emotions so when you shout at your dog, he is actually confused, bothered, scared and stressed because your pitch and body language shows negativity and anger.

Dogs Hate getting Bored or Isolated

For your pet dogs, you are the leader of their pack. When you do not spend enough time with you dogs or leave them alone too long, they can develop anxiety

Traumatizing Sounds

Dogs hate loud noises like that of vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, horns and sirens, loud music and firecrackers, and tend to bark in response.