What causes stress in dogs

Your dog can feel stressed for natural reasons like fear of loud noises, new surroundings and people, large or strange objects, crowded places, or separation.

Some more causes

-Sensitive noises -Shifting or rehoming  -Home alone dogs -Introducing your dog to new people -Hunger

What are the signs of stress in dogs

While dog experience stress, they display their anxiety by - chewing and destroying objects, showing sudden aggression, behaving restless.

Some more signs of stress

-Growling, Whining or Barking -Pacing and trembling -Displacement and fleeing  behaviour -Eye-whites and drooped ears   Frequent urination

How to relax and help your dog in stress 

Everything has a source, so does stress. So, if you see signs of stress in your dog, first remove him from the source of the stress.

Some more ways to relax your dog

-Address self-behaviour -Avoid bringing them into stressful situations -Healthy meals & regular exercise -Consistent Training


The best way to calm your dog down is to identify the source of stress, and then diffuse the situation ASAP. Often it is easier than you think, especially, when you know your dog well.

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