Title The word Puppy has French roots

Etymologists suggest that the term puppy may have come from poupeé, a French word that translates in English as – doll or toy.

Puppies born in two months

Mama dog carries her puppies for about 60 days before they are born. While most of the puppies are delivered the natural way, certain dog breeds are born through a C-section.

Puppies are blind and deaf at birth

when puppies born, they are functionally blind and deaf. From day one until they are two weeks old, their eyes are firmly shut and their ear canals are fully closed.

Their first sense to develop is touch

Born without most of their senses fully developed, touch is the first sense that a puppy develops and relies on for the first few weeks of their life.

Like babies, puppies have baby teeth, too

Puppies are born completely toothless. They also have teething stages, but in more intense levels compared to human babies.

Puppies can be twins

Yes, puppies can have identical twins. But, until very recently, scientists did know how common identical twin puppies are, because there was no proof that they existed at all.

Largest puppy litter  recorded was 24

In 2004, 24 pups in a single litter were born to a Mastiff named Tia. C-section was required to deliver the puppies, in which three died in the first week.

Puppies sleep and dream like babies

It is advised to dog owners to resist the urge to disturb sleeping puppies, sleep is critical for a young puppy's developing brain, muscles, and immune system.

Puppies love baby-talks

It seems natural that you baby talk to your cuddly puppy, but research studies have found that they actually respond to it.

Puppies become adults when they are one

Puppies are officially considered full grown adult dogs when they reach the age of one. However, the age at which they reach maturity depends on the breed.

Their puppy coat is different from their adult dog coat

puppies are born with a single coat of fur. Anywhere between 4 to 6 months of age, most puppies shed their puppy coat and grow their adult coat.

Puppies can be born green

Surprised? But it’s true! There are a few recorded cases of puppies being born an uncommonly green colour. Although, the colour is temporary and fades away in a few weeks.

Cloned puppies exist

In 1996, Dolly the sheep was the first mammal cloned. Nine years later, South Korean geneticists used the same process to create the first dog clone, an Afghan hound named Snuppy.

There's a 17-ton puppy sculpture in Bilbao, Spain

Since it bloomed in 1997, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain has been home to Puppy, an enormous, flower-covered sculpture.


Ultimately, one of the most interesting facts about puppies is that they will bring your home and heart so much peace, love and joy.