Proper Routine 

It's important to manage your time properly once you have a dog. Meals, walks, potty, pee-pee, play, naps, each activity should be scheduled & followed each day consistently.

Rules and Cues

Rules make good dogs and cues make happy dogs. Whether you adopted a pup or an adult dog, there should be rules, but age appropriate.

Socialize your dog

Without proper socialization, dogs may develop serious behavioural problems such as anxiety, aggression, and fear or nervousness for anything they find unusual.

Burn off that energy

Like babies & kids, dogs are little bundles of energy, especially when they are little pups. Help your playful dog to burn off some energy with physical activities like walking etc

Mental Stimulation

Dogs are very smart animals & need activities to enrich their minds. Encourage sniffing as dogs explore the world with their nose. For dogs, smelling is like gathering information.

Let that monster chew

Chewing helps a dog to fight boredom, relieve mild anxiety or frustration, and also exercises their teeth and gums naturally.

“Stay” – The most important command

The first thing we must teach new dogs is to "wait" or “stay” before we approve them to go out. In the absence of this cue, I had a difficult time to handle my dogs.

Do Things Together

This is very important for you and  your don's relationship. Try to do as many activities with your dog as possible like walking, playing etc.

Crate Training

Like humans, dogs also have days when they feel anxious and look for a safe quiet place to calm down. A crate offers a sense of safety, just like a den.

Raising Many Dogs Together

Well, you can have 2 to 3 dogs together when there are at least 2 to 3 members in your family. Raising many dogs all alone is not a good idea, not for you, not for the dogs.


Something I personally believe is that as dog parents we are the only ones our dogs depend on for everything, including good habits and manners which make our lives easy as dog parents.

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