What is a heartworm

Dirofilaria immitis, commonly known as heartworm, is one of the most dangerous types of parasites that can cause serious health issues in your dog, or sometimes even death.

How dogs get heartworms

Unlike many other parasites, heartworms do not spread from dog to dog, but it requires an agent, the mosquito, to infect new hosts. Heartworms spread only through mosquitoes.

Signs of heartworms in dogs

– A mild persistent    cough – Reluctance to    exercise or play – Fatigue after    moderate activity – Decreased    appetite – Weight loss

When should a dog be tested

Heartworm disease is a progressive disease. The earlier a disease is detected, the better the chances of cure and living

Preventive measures for heartworm disease

You can’t give your dog preventative medication if he is already infected with heartworms. If you do so, it will cause series health complications in your dog.

Medications available for heartworms as once-a-month chewable, & twice-a-year injection shot. Discuss with the vet & choose the best option for your dog

Preventive measures for heartworm disease

Preventive measures for heartworm disease

– To be on the safe side, get a heartworm test done once in a year with the vet’s guidance. – Do not give your dog OTC or non-prescribed pills.

Heartworm disease treatment & care

your dog tests positive for heartworms, do not worry, the good news is, most infected dogs can be successfully treated.

Heartworm disease treatment & care

– Confirm the diagnosis because the treatment for heartworm is both expensive and complex, and you will want to be absolutely sure that treatment is necessary.

Before you begin the actual heartworm treatment, you may need to stabilize your dog’s condition with appropriate medication therapy.

Heartworm disease treatment & care

Why are heartworms such a big deal?

Currently, there is no vaccine available for the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs. However, research scientists are working on this.

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