100,000-Watt Nose Power

That’s right! A dog’s nose can smell 100,000 times better than human's nose. The 300 million olfactory receptors (smell units) on their nose, compared to our 5 million.

The Swirled Nose-slits

Dogs exhale the used air through the slits in the sides of their nose. The slits prevent scents from exiting with the air, and keeps them inside the nose instead.

Don’t Wipe That Dog Nose

A wet nose helps a dog to capture tiny scent particles, which increases their ability to identify smells. Precisely, their nose is like a wet cloth which picks up dust.

Dr. Dog

can smell things that seem incomprehensible to us. dogs are being used to detect  medical issues, like- Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, brain disorders like Narcolepsy,  etc.

3-D Smell

Smell is a dog's most leading sense and the one that is the most different from ours. Dogs can smell separately with each nostril. This function is pretty similar to the function of our eyes.

The Secret Organ

Besides having a powerful nose, dogs are resourced with a special organ known as the vomer nasal organ or the Jacobson organ. This organ acts as a second nose.

Puppy Noses

New-born puppies are equipped with special heat sensors which are strategically located just around the slits at the side of their noses.

Freeze! Right there!

One of the most amazing facts about a dog’s nose is that, it reveals to him who has been there, how long ago, and which way they went.

Finest Dog Nose

While all dogs have a super sense of smell, some breeds have a better sense of smell than the others like Hounds, Herding Dogs, Hunting Dogs & Sporting Dog etc.

The Dry Nose Myth

A dog’s dry nose may mean he is sick, but not necessarily. There are chances it may be dry because of dehydration or possibly because he is not licking his nose properly.

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