What is dog health insurance

A pet dog health insurance plan medically covers your sick or injured dog so you can concentrate on his recovery instead of worrying about the treatment cost

What are the types of dog insurance in India

There are many types of insurance in India, here are some of them : Lifetime cover Time-limited cover Money-limit cover

What do dog health insurance plans cover

– Develop an illness while     the policy is in effect – Treatment expenses – Accident while in transit – Loss/ theft of the pet – Third Party liability

Who provides dog health insurance in India

 The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. , United India Insurance, Oriental Insurance, Vetina Pawtect, and Bajaj Allianz endorsed by TATA Capital

How to avail dog insurance in India online

To avail, you can visit the specific company's website and login to the pet insurance page and there you can request a quote from an insurer

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