What is dog grooming

If you are a newbie, know that, dog grooming is basically cleaning your dog and maintaining hygiene for both, her as well as you.

Why is grooming important for dog

Just as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, etc. feels satisfying and helps minimize any health issue, grooming your furry friend has a similar effect.

What are the basic steps of grooming a dog

1.Start with preparing your    supplies for you and your   dog 2.Seek help from a sibling or    friend if you need a hand

3. Brush fur and loosen    any matted hair 4. Brush teeth gently or    use a mouth wash 5. Shampoo, Condition &    Rinse 6. Showers and Mats

7.  Towel and/or blow      dry 8.  Clean ears 9.  Trim nails 10. Clip any extra fur 11. Give treats and        praise your dog

How often to groom a dog

How often you should groom your dog depends on two things – dog breed and dog's need.

Who are professional dog groomers

Professional dog groomers have a whole grooming set up and all the world’s patience to deal with your dog.

-Not completely understanding dog behaviour -No idea about dog breeds -Improper tools & products

Dog grooming mistakes

It’s a fact that dog grooming for some dog parents can be challenging. But, with time and over, your dog will learn to love the grooming process, provided it is done right.


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