-Flapping the ears frequently -Shaking the head and tilting it to   one side -Scratching at their head, neck,   along with the ear flaps -Smelly ears   And more

Symptoms of dog ear infection

– A colourless, or black, brown,   white, green, or yellow watery   discharge in the ears – Redness and/or swelling in the   ears – Whining or yelping in pain when   someone touches the ears

– Crusty or thickened ears (Dry    skin or scabs) – Blood oozing from the ears    (Chronic infections)

Reasons for dog ear infection

Typically, bacteria, yeast, or a combination of both are responsible for ear infections in dogs. Many other factors can cause ear infections in dogs.

Types of infection

Otitis externa – when there is inflammation of the passage of the outer ear (ear canal) Otitis media – when the middle ear is inflamed Otitis interna – when the inner ear is affected

Dog ear infection treatment

If you see your dog  uncomfortable with the symptoms and you are wondering how to treat dog ear infection, it is time to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

Home treatment for dog ear infection

It would be fine to use an over-the-counter ear cleanser such as MalAcetic Otic Cleanser or Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner Solution to flush out the dirt.

Preventing ear infections in dogs

-Do not allow water in your dog’s ears during baths. -Regularly groom your dog, especially if your dog has long hair and resting floppy ears.

- Use the ear cleanser to clean out your dog’s ears once a week or at least once in 15-days, especially if your dog goes swimming.

- Always use professional dog ear cleansers as these are specifically formulated for dogs with balanced pH levels.

– Do not use hydrogen peroxide   or rubbing alcohol or any kind   of human-use disinfectant on   your dog, as they can damage   healthy ear cells in your dog.

– Do not stick cotton swabs or   Q-tips down into your dog’s   ear, as this can push back   the dirt inside the ears and   rupture the eardrum.

How to clean a dog’s ear ?

– Only use ear wipes to clean   the ear flap and the crevices   inside the ears. – Apply the prescribed dog ear   liquid cleanser to the ear as   directed by the vet.

-Close the ear flap and gently  massage the base of the ears  in light circular motions for 10- 15 seconds. -Let your dog flap his ears to  slosh away the liquid.

-Now with a clean ear wipe or  cloth gently wipe your dog’s  ears. -Apply any medication like ear drops as prescribed by the vet. -praise him loads to be such a good boy.

– Cocker spaniels – Basset hounds – Shih Tzus – Poodles – Bichon Frises – Labrador retrievers – Golden retrievers – Bulldogs – Bloodhounds

Dogs at risk for ear infection

if your dog is showing signs of an ear infection, seek help from a vet before things get out of hand.


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