Do dogs have emotions

Dogs are sensitive animals and feel a range of emotions like we do. They are excited and happy almost always.

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Can dogs feel sadness

Dogs do feel sad at times. For instance, every time you can’t make time for them on a busy day, they lie miserably in a corner of the house to show sadness.

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But what causes sadness in a dog?

Separation, loss of a dog sibling or family member, missing an old toy, no play sessions, are some reasons that cause sadness in a dog, say experts.

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Do dogs cry

Though dogs are known to express their emotions vocally, there is no scientific evidence to prove that dogs bring out tears as a reaction to their sadness.

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What are the reasons for dog tears

Here are some reasons for dog tears. – Allergies – Cornea Abrasion – Blocked tear duct – Infection – Presence of dirt

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If your four legged baby is experiencing teary eyes along with frequent pawing, it is best to consult your veterinarian and get it evaluated at the earliest.

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