What is dog Dementia

Clinically known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), dog dementia is a brain disorder in aging dogs related with symptoms and effects similar to those of Alzheimer’s in humans.

How common is Dementia in dogs

Signs of dementia are found in 30% of dogs over the age of 11. It is also estimated that almost 70% of dogs will suffer from dementia by the age of 15.

Stages of Dementia in dogs

A recent observational study on a large group of senior dogs has identified three stages of dementia in dogs. Mild-Moderate-Severe

How is dog Dementia diagnosed

The diagnosis of dementia in dogs must be done only by a professional veterinarian, and the existing way to do so is to rule out any other potential diseases.

Causes of Dementia in dogs

Dementia in dogs symptoms are being studied at various levels and scientists say that it is a result of changes or damage in the brain.

Can Dementia in dogs be prevented

studies have found that if we keep our senior dogs physically and mentally active, it may help to prevent dementia to a great extent.

Does Dementia in dogs have a cure

The condition in dogs leads to the physical decline of the brain tissues, and so, there is no simple cure that can revive these tissues.

Treatment for Dementia in dogs

There are things you can do or give medication to potentially delay brain changes as a dog ages and make your beloved pet’s life easier

What to do if I see symptoms of Dementia in my dog

If you are worried that your dog may have dementia, you need to speak to a professional veterinarian without doing anything by yourself.


Do not give your dog the “it’s just old age” look, rather visit his vet right away. Be there for him like he has been there for you all these years of his life.