Significance of calcium

In addition to bone and teeth development, calcium also plays an important role in heart health, muscle function, nerve signaling, and blood coagulation.

Causes of calcium deficiency in dogs

Mainly, a poor choice of ingredients in a homemade diet may be the reason for calcium deficiency in dogs but some more reasons are there.

Symptoms of low calcium levels

– Stiffness – Loss of appetite – Changes in    behaviour    (restlessness) – Lethargy – Weakness – Panting – Convulsions – Fever – Seizures

Required daily dose

A healthy daily amount of calcium a dog should have directly depends on the total calories the dogs needs in a day.

Calcium deficiency in dogs

It's controlled and monitored by parathyroid glands embedded in the thyroid gland. parathyroid glands, present in a pair, keep a check on the level of calcium in the blood.

Treatment for calcium deficiency

If symptoms of calcium deficiency are severe, your vet will admit your dog to the hospital immediately to begin the treatment to avoid further danger to your dog’s life


Most importantly, if your dog displays symptoms of low blood calcium, take him to the vet to diagnose and confirm the deficiency