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Hi, I am Amita Satur

I am the creator & writer of, a weblog which offers dog parents and enthusiasts a one-stop-info-column for all things related to dogs. I discovered that dogs understood me more than my human friends, and hence, I became a dog guardian when I was just 8-years old.

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good vegetables for dog for health

Good vegetables for dogs that are very healthy for them

Dogs are more than just pets. They are family, but can you imagine, the food you and your family ate ...
dog valentine day

Dog Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

As Valentine’s Day draws nearer you could be thinking about a couple of things. Maybe you’re tracking the gift you ...
overcome fear of dogs

Overcome a fear of dogs

27-year-old Aisha, my childhood friend, plans a sleepover at my place once a month. DIY Pizzas, doing pawdicure for my ...
things dogs hate about humans

Things dogs hate about humans the most

As with all best friends, even dogs and humans can have misunderstandings. But at times, some of these misreadings go ...
why do dogs how

Why do dogs howl : Know the Science behind it

While dogs can’t talk, Mother Nature has blessed them with an ability to produce a variety of sounds to express ...
dogs in indian army

Dogs In Indian Army

A soldier is not just a person in uniform — a true soldier has specific values like Loyalty, Courage, Selfless ...
tips for first time dog owners

Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Congratulations! Your family has grown by ‘four-feet’. Adopting a dog is simply fantastic. You will have a 24x7 happy-fur-ball around ...
amazing dogs feats

Amazing Dog Feats

Basically, a feat represents a talent, an area of expertise or an accomplishment. A feat is the output of training, skill, strength, ...
homemade dog treats recipes

Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

My dogs, Tuffy and Selfie, the senior and junior ‘Cookie Inspectors’, take their jobs very seriously. There’s no cheating, unless ...

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