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Hi, I am Amita Satur

I am the creator & writer of, a weblog which offers dog parents and enthusiasts a one-stop-info-column for all things related to dogs. I discovered that dogs understood me more than my human friends, and hence, I became a dog guardian when I was just 8-years old.

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breeds of police dogs in the world

Top Breeds of Police Dogs in the World

Dogs have skills that enable them to assist humans. One particular example is the police dogs. The breeds of police ...
queen Elizabeth's corgi

Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis : Know all about the Royal Dogs

When it comes to our beloved dogs, we would undoubtedly provide them with the best we can. While every dog ...
how dogs get heartworm

How Dogs Get Heartworms : Reason, Prevention & Treatment

From exploring the world to socializing, dogs do almost everything with their mouth. They lick to groom themselves, or slurp ...
american dog

American breeds of dogs you will definitely want to know about

While the United States is filled with two of the most popular dog breeds in the country- Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd Dogs, ...

Brownie – The Lucky Dog Who Was Rescued Twice

Brownie had gone missing after a play session at the beach with her owners. Manish and Shikha, a couple living ...
dog story

The Story Of A Lost Dog Who Saves A Life

Britney’s friend, Andrea, visited her one morning asking if she could keep an eye on a lost dog she found ...
care for a dog

Tips on how to care for a dog during summer

Sun. Beaches. Hiking. Pool Parties. Summer is all about fun, and our dogs would totally agree with that.  However, since ...

An autobiography of a stray dog (Selfie)

Let me introduce myself. My name is ‘Selfie’, but before that I was called a street dog, a stray, a ...
how to stop biting habit of puppy

How to stop biting habit of puppy

Puppies. So cute and cuddly. Everyone love these teeny-weeny doggos! They are clumsy, messy, playful balls of joy wrapped up ...

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